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IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (3-31-14)

“Promoting education-based athletics in Indiana.”

In a pack of dogs, there are usually three groups.  While each group has its own role, no group is considered superior.  In other words, they are a team and they work together.

Those in front, referred to as alphas, give direction and offer protection and leadership. Those in the middle keep order and ensure that things run smoothly. Those in the back are the cautious ones, and they alert the others to potential threats.

As a player and teammate, it’s important to know where you fit with your team, according to the pack mentality.  Recognize that it’s just as important to find people who are happy being in the back as it is to identify strong leaders.  

If a team can maintain a balance of these respective personalities, it goes a long way in promoting success and cohesiveness.  Where do you fit?

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