Coed Varsity Wrestling · Red Devils finish 2-3 in six-team invite

JASPER — The Jeffersonville wrestling team picked up two victories at the six-team Jasper Invite over the weekend.

The Red Devils picked up team wins against Bloomington South (36-33) and Jasper (46-24), but fell in matches to Castle (30-36), Evansville Mater Dei (12-66) and Hobart (30-42). Below are the winners of each individual match.

Jeffersonville defeats Bloomington South, 36-33

106: Ciera Broukal (BHSS) over Robert Cline (JEFF) (Fall 2:00)

113: Adonis Boyd (JEFF) over   (BHSS) (For.)

120: Isaiah Fultcher (JEFF) over Cameron Habbe (BHSS) (Fall 0:00)

126: Darian  Collins (JEFF) over Nicholas Weaver (BHSS) (Dec 7-5)

132: Xavier Guess (BHSS) over Noah  Fears (JEFF) (Dec 8-2)

138: Noah Hunt (BHSS) over Trent  Brown (JEFF) (Fall 2:00)

145: Tristan Ruhlman (BHSS) over Camyle Cain (JEFF) (Fall 2:00)

152: Derek Blubaugh (BHSS) over Xzavier Dorsch (JEFF) (Fall 0:00)

160: Josh  Craig (JEFF) over Wade Presson (BHSS) (Fall 4:00)

170: Luke Hensley (BHSS) over Kameron Fuller (JEFF) (Dec 7-1)

182: Julian Gonzales (JEFF) over Tyler Schlegel (BHSS) (Dec 10-3)

195: Cody  Matherly (JEFF) over Sean Bridges (BHSS) (Fall 0:00)

220: Andrew  Campbell (JEFF) over Andrew Baxter (BHSS) (Fall 4:00)

285: Harley Hillenburg (BHSS) over Carlos Molina (JEFF) (Dec 3-2)

Jeffersonville defeats Jasper, 46-24

182: Kameron Fuller (JEFF) over Zachary Flynn (JASP) (Dec 8-2)

195: Luke Smith (JEFF) over Abhay Rathee (JASP) (Fall 1:51)

220: Zachary Rydberg (JASP) over Humberto Pulido (JEFF) (Fall 1:10)

285: Matthew Munoz (JEFF) over Jimmy Earley (JASP) (Fall 3:42)

106: Robert Cline (JEFF) over   (JASP) (For.)

113: Cameron Eckstein (JASP) over Adonis Boyd (JEFF) (Fall 5:33)

120: Isaiah Fultcher (JEFF) over Reece Fromme (JASP) (Dec 8-6)

126: Dylan Johnson (JEFF) over Chase Mehringer (JASP) (MD 21-10)

132: Carlos Santos (JEFF) over Cameron Weisheit (JASP) (Fall 1:55)

138: Trent  Brown (JEFF) over Kole Terwiske (JASP) (Dec 5-2)

145: Mark Johnson (JEFF) over Landon Betz (JASP) (Dec 9-6)

152: Noah Heim (JASP) over Xzavier Dorsch (JEFF) (Fall 2:32)

160: Sam Bies (JASP) over Josh  Craig (JEFF) (Fall 4:25)

170: Josiah Freeman (JEFF) over Will Collon (JASP) (Fall 1:12)

Castle defeats Jeffersonville, 36-30

285: B Loftan (CAST) over Matthew Munoz (JEFF) (Fall 0:31)

106: Robert Cline (JEFF) over Ethan Khorter (CAST) (Fall 0:50)

113: Devon Casebolt (CAST) over Adonis Boyd (JEFF) (Fall 0:02)

120: Logan Hunt (CAST) over Isaiah Fultcher (JEFF) (Dec 7-0)

126: Carson  Willis (CAST) over Dylan Johnson (JEFF) (Fall 0:49)

132: Carlos Santos (JEFF) over Brooks Hartz (CAST) (Dec 9-5)

138: Matt Kincaid (CAST) over Trent  Brown (JEFF) (Dec 1-0)

145: Jacob Freeman (CAST) over Mark Johnson (JEFF) (Dec 4-0)

152: Robert Peters (CAST) over Xzavier Dorsch (JEFF) (Fall 0:28)

160: Josh  Craig (JEFF) over   (CAST) (For.)

170: Josiah Freeman (JEFF) over Kai Victor (CAST) (Fall 3:50)

182: Kameron Fuller (JEFF) over William Nunn (CAST) (Fall 3:31)

195: Will Rolley (CAST) over Luke Smith (JEFF) (Dec 5-0)

220: Humberto Pulido (JEFF) over Jacob Carter (CAST) (SV-1 6-4)

Evansville Mater Dei defeats Jeffersonville, 66-12

195: Luke Smith (JEFF) over Robbie Helfrich (EMD) (SV-1 10-6)

220: Michael Boots (EMD) over Humberto Pulido (JEFF) (Fall 0:42)

285: Roman Graves (EMD) over Matthew Munoz (JEFF) (Fall 3:00)

106: Alec Freeman (EMD) over Robert Cline (JEFF) (Fall 1:12)

113: Blake Boarman (EMD) over Adonis Boyd (JEFF) (Fall 1:26)

120: Kane Egli (EMD) over Isaiah Fultcher (JEFF) (Fall 1:50)

126: Clay Egli (EMD) over Dylan Johnson (JEFF) (Fall 0:29)

132: Nolan Weidner (EMD) over Carlos Santos (JEFF) (Fall 2:55)

138: Matt Lee (EMD) over Trent  Brown (JEFF) (Fall 1:10)

145: Scott Fitts (EMD) over Mark Johnson (JEFF) (Fall 3:26)

152: Macartney Parkinson (EMD) over Xzavier Dorsch (JEFF) (Fall 0:49)

160: Nolan Weidner (EMD) over Josh  Craig (JEFF) (Fall 1:59)

170: Josiah Freeman (JEFF) over Blake Chandler (EMD) (Fall 1:01)

182: Kameron Fuller (JEFF) over Will Schuler (EMD) (Dec 9-2)

Hobart defeats Jeffersonville, 30-42

220: Bobby Babcock (HOBR) over Humberto Pulido (JEFF) (Fall 3:20)

285: Ryan Pisarski (HOBR) over Matthew Munoz (JEFF) (Fall 3:49)

106: James Corgan (HOBR) over Robert Cline (JEFF) (Fall 3:49)

113: Adonis Boyd (JEFF) over Cristian Padilla (HOBR) (Dec 4-3)

120: Nathan Schammert (HOBR) over Isaiah Fultcher (JEFF) (Fall 5:00)

126: Dylan Johnson (JEFF) over Nestor Velasquez (HOBR) (Fall 1:44)

132: Carlos Santos (JEFF) over Quentin Gomez (HOBR) (Dec 12-8)

138: Trent Brown (JEFF) over Hayden Homoky (HOBR) (Dec 6-5)

145: Tyler Turley (HOBR) over Mark Johnson (JEFF) (Fall 2:00)

152: Michael Hunter (HOBR) over Xzavier Dorsch (JEFF) (Fall 1:35)

160: Josh Craig (JEFF) over (HOBR) (For.)

170: Zack Fattore (HOBR) over Josiah Freeman (JEFF) (Fall 1:58)

182: Kameron Fuller (JEFF) over Jacob Vode (HOBR) (Fall 2:22)

195: Luke Smith (JEFF) over Tyler Hunter (HOBR) (Dec 4-3)