News · LIFT Academy highlighted in PBS documentary series

Have you ever dreamed to fly? For most people, the idea may have passed a time or two, but maybe it seemed daunting, or maybe they didn’t know where to start. Leadership In Flight Training (LIFT) Academy is breaking barriers and debunking myths that surround becoming a pilot. It’s much easier and accessible than it seems, and it can be done right here in Indianapolis.

LIFT Academy, Republic Airways classroom-to-cockpit flight training program, takes students who have a dream to fly and teaches and trains them from zero flight experience all the way through a career with the airline. With the goal of making the airline cockpit a more diverse place, LIFT has made major strides in reaching out to those who considered it a distant dream.

LIFT Academy has gain students and attention from all over the country. Even PBS caught wind of what LIFT is doing in the skies and chose LIFT to be featured in its documentary series “American Graduate.”

Follow this link to learn more about LIFT and watch the short PBS documentary:

Want to see LIFT Academy for yourself? LIFT offers visits and hangar tours Monday through Friday: